Serenity, Self-Discovery & Serious Pampering in Sacred Bali


If you’re a woman who’s given your all to others — a woman who’s finally ready to relax and clear your mind, let go of old habits and limitations, and step into your own abundant, audacious life — then join Stephanie Osborne for this sacred journey of self-discovery and breaking free in Bali, October 14-22, 2018.

Perched on a clifftop overlooking the Indian Ocean, you watch the colorful sunset at the end of another peaceful day. Amid the calls of ocean birds and the sound of waves rushing onto the rocks below, you realize your vision is no longer limited. The possibilities for your life are as endless as the view, spreading out to the golden horizon as far as the eye can see.

Feeling the wind gently caressing your skin, you reflect on some of the joys of the days just passed: The smell of incense wafting on the wind during the ancient ceremonies at sacred temples. The tastes of scrumptious Balinese meals, all offered with such color and grace. The sounds of the busy marketplace and the welcoming warmth and loving smiles of the local people. The sensual spa treatments that have left you limp with relaxation and delight.

Not least of all, you reflect on your sisters, so compassionate and supportive during this journey of self-discovery. And on the precious vehicles of meditation, yoga and your own inner yearning that have brought you to this new awareness. Here you feel as open and free as the wind caressing your skin. Free of the shackles of the past — free to be the Divine Goddess you really are!

Are you looking for a REAL break? — One that’s restful to body, mind and spirit alike?

You got it! On this retreat, you’ll honor yourself with a full 8 days of solitude, serenity and empowerment, with luscious spa treatments for the body, deep relaxation for the mind, and endless upliftment for the spirit! Let go of your worries during silent walks through spacious rice fields, and take in ceremonies on the beautiful beach as you open to new possibilities!

Eager to immerse yourself in a different culture?

You can hardly get more different than Bali! While we’re together, you’ll be transformed by its slow, peaceful pace, the rhythm and kindness of its welcoming people, and the depth and delights of its spiritual traditions!

Isn’t it time to finally honor the voice of your own spirit?

This is YOUR time to do just that! Amid the backdrop of Balinese culture, you’ll be able to slow down, listen to your inner voice, and finally open to embrace the hidden dreams and urgings you’ve had for years!

How long has it been since you’ve given yourself some serious, good old-fashioned pampering?

Don’t tell me – MUCH too long, I know! So come with me, and get ready for delights unimagined. Like authentic, full-body Indonesian massages, peaceful ceremonies and guided meditations!

And how about letting go of all those heavy limitations?

No worries! During our daily gatherings, I’ll move you ever inward with gently guided exercises and journaling to discover and shift your own belief systems so that you can nudge yourself forward to finally embrace your full power and potential — the power of your own Divine Goddess!

So WHY should you join me?

Because this is a women’s mindfulness and empowerment retreat, specially designed to help you let go and reconnect to your higher self. And because there is no place in the world like the serene island of Bali to make that happen.

We’ve arranged each activity to ensure that you leave feeling more relaxed and centered, more grounded and self-loving, more self-confident and certain about your purpose on this earth.

By the end of this retreat, you will return with new tools to keep you peaceful, healthy and happy, honoring your highest self and living fearlessly as the Divine Goddess you are. In a word, you’ll be radiant, lit up from inside!

I’m swooning already!

Our Gorgeous Venues

We’ll be staying at two very different and delightful venues.

You’ll spend your first five restful nights in the comfy cottages of the Bagus Jati, a complete health and well-being center in the Balinese capital of Ubud. Here in your own oasis cut off from the world, you’ll be surrounded by lush, colorful hillside gardens, meandering pathways and soothing greenery.

At the Bagus Jati, you’ll be staying in one of many delightful villas, all with wide windows overlooking the tropical forest. Here, if you like, you can walk out onto your own private veranda for a romantic dinner or relax on your own peaceful day bed. There are even a few special rooms where you can luxuriate in your own private pool.

And don’t forget the center itself, where you’ll enjoy a complete health and well-being center, organic gardens and a gourmet restaurant. With its focus on Asian-inspired traditional healing — everything from nutrition and detox to healthy cooking and anti-aging — the Bagus Jati is the perfect place to start our journey of relaxation and self-discovery!

The last three nights you’ll spend in a very different environment — the luxurious cliff-side center of the Ayana Resort, a dramatic, modern spa complex overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Here, you’ll enjoy breathtaking ocean views from your clifftop and relax, refresh and rebalance yourself to the tranquil island spirit. You’ll stay in one of 78 spacious, private-pool villas with luxurious linens, indigenous artworks, separate living areas and enormous marble bathrooms.

And that’s just the beginning! If you want, you’ll be served a floating champagne brunch in your own private pool, a candlelight dinner on the veranda, a soul-balancing massage right at home, or lazy days dedicated to serious loafing with no disturbances at all.

And lest I forget! Just a stone’s throw away you’ll have easy access to additional delights — namely, the Theres Marins Bali Spa, a variety of restaurants, the iconic Rock Bar Bali (perched 14 meters above the Indian Ocean with superstar views, sundown cocktails, and Mediterranean dining), and the ever-present and inviting white-sand beach. No wonder this place gets a five-star rating from the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide!

OMG, what delights...

The Delectable Cuisine

As if the venues weren’t enough, you’ll also revel in the wide variety of scrumptious meals available to you! The first five days, we’ll be on the move a lot, so we’ll be sampling the traditional fare, often among the locals themselves.

Near the Bagus Jati, the Ilswari Poolside Cafe offers complimentary cool towels and fresh fruit in the afternoons. There’s also the Surya Restaurant & Bar, where you can feast on the freshest traditional fare blended with fresh herbs and spices almost any time of the day.

Surya also offers a fine selection of Indonesian and International dishes and wines. They can even tailor the meals to your individual needs — including weight reduction, digestive disorders and gluten-free. And to top it all off, all their produce is organically grown on the resort itself observing strict ecological principles.

One night in Ubud, we will venture off to CasCades Restaurant. CasCades is an award winning restaurant, perfected placed on the ridge overlooking the luscious Valley of the Kings. It provides a dining experience with striking tropical valley views alongside meticulously crafted food.

At Ayana, you can enjoy healthy and delectable cuisine without leaving the sanctuary of your villa, including a three-course candlelight dinner created especially for you and served by your butler.

You can also maintain your healthy lifestyle with a delicious, locally grown, organic meal at the Spa Cafe, where each dish is designed to make you feel more energetic, boost your immune system and create an overall sense of well-being.

If it’s traditional you’re after, check out the Kecak dance performance. Served in one of the comfortable birdcage cabanas, your waiter will bring you a seemingly endless array of local dishes, from curries and salads to soup, satays, and grilled fish in banana leaves — and luscious desserts, it goes without saying!

Stephanie, my cup runneth over!

Our Lazy Itinerary

Did you say lazy? YES, I did! So yes, we’re going to be moving around, seeing the sights and taking in the experiences, but we’re ALSO going to honor our own rhythms and needs.

This first and foremost a retreat! And a retreat fit for a goddess, at that. This means you won’t be getting up early to do yoga before breakfast and you won’t be doing things you don’t feel like doing. No exhausting 9 to 5 tours for this gal! Nope — in fact, if you decide you want to loaf all day, that’s exactly what you’ll do!

So about half of this retreat is about rest, relaxation and serious pampering. The rest is about letting go of old habits and limitations and opening up to a whole new way of being — YOUR way of being.

So I’m going to be offering daily guided meditations and simple exercises that encourage you to know and honor yourself more deeply — including releasing self-limiting beliefs so you can live a free, abundant and audacious life. It’s about trusting and embracing the Divine Goddess within. And nobody knows how to do that better than you!

Day 1: Getting Settled

After you get settled in your room, you’ll have some time to check out the gorgeous grounds. Then we’ll gather at the Bagus Jati for a welcome dinner, where you’ll get a chance to meet all your lovely sisters. Finally, I’ll get you oriented and give you an overview of the next seven days, then send you off to your first night of restoring sleep and blissful dreams.

Day 2: Letting Go

After a leisurely beginning, we’ll start our first full day with a bus ride over the lush Balinese countryside to the temple of Goa Gojah. There, you’ll soak up the spirit that imbues this country and its people with such peace and tranquility. You’ll also have time for silent walks, reflective meditation, and possibly even a ceremony focused on dropping the burdens and limitations of the past.

Day 3: Free Day — It’s Up to You!

I really want you to feel the power of choice and to get some practice exercising that muscle! So what are you going to do on your free day? There are plenty of luscious spa offerings available. There are also near by nature treks and opportunities for private exploring, journaling and connecting. Or just plain loafing and being waited on before we meet for dinner at the CasCade. 🙂

Day 4: Full-Body Indonesian, Anyone?

Today we’ll be hanging around Bagus Jati most of the morning, with a combination of meditation and whatever spa services most suit your fancy. (Full-body Indonesian massage, anyone?) You’ll also have time for walking, journaling and deepening those new connections with your sisters. Later we’ll head to the Yoga Barn to take in a hatha yoga class (NOT strenuous, remember? Just gentle bending, twisting and stretching for all levels!) Then we’ll grab a bite from their organic café and end with a beautiful Sound Meditation including singing bowls, chimes, crystals and more.

Day 5: Deepening Appreciation

Today we’ll tour to the ancient tombs of Ubud. You’ll also see the dwellings of the Balinese people and get a better sense for their how they live — including their humility, simplicity, and deep gratitude for whatever life has to offer. We’ll also take in the Batur Volcano and the Holy Spring Temple. There, we’re hoping to be joined by a Balinese spiritual master who will lead us in a ceremony that will help you become more accepting and appreciative of who you are.

Day 6: Yay! Another Free Day!

When I say it’s time for a break, I mean it’s time for a break! And that’s a BIG part of what this retreat is about. So today is yet another day to honor yourself and choose. What will it be? A walk on the beach? Quiet time for journaling? A few more hours of pampering and self-appreciation? You name it, it’s yours! And speaking of pampering, this is also the day we transfer to the luxurious Ayana Resort, starting our stay with a sunset evening cruise!

Day 7: Burning Away the Old

Today another enlightening tour with our local guide — this time to the Hidden Waterfalls, a place of deep peace and magic. We’ll also take in the temple of Ulun Danu Bratan on the shores of Lake Bratan, soaking up the serenity of these ancient structures so in harmony with the land. Then, back at Ayana after dinner, we’ll do a sacred fire ceremony where you’ll honor your own innate harmony — burning away all you don’t need and celebrating the new truths you’ve discovered for your life.

Day 8: Letting it All Soak In

Today is the last day and the first — both the end and the beginning of our journey of self-discovery. Most of the day you’ll be free to explore some more and let your experience soak in, solidifying it for the journey home.

And in the evening, a farewell feast, of course! In this case, at the legendary Kampoeng Bali, where you’ll take a culinary journey through an authentic Balinese village, indulging your senses as a traditional market atmosphere comes to life, inviting you sample some of the island’s most famous specialties. Yum!!

Just before dinner, we will stop at the picturesque Uluwatu where we view one of the top five surfing destinations in the world.

But after a week of indulging your senses, you know this is only the beginning. After all, once you’ve fully embraced your own Divine Goddess, the learning and delight and celebration continue for the rest of your life, right?!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

What’s Included

Private Transfers to and from Resorts:
– Private transfer from the Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport to the Bagus Jati
– Private transfer from the Ayana Resort & Spa to the Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport

All hotels/resorts as listed in the itinerary:
– 5 nights accommodation at Bali’s premier Health and Wellness Spa Retreat, the Bagus Jati based on double occupancy in Superior Chalet
– 3 nights at the 5-star Ayana Resort & Spa in Jimbaran based on double occupancy

Daily Breakfast and 4 Dinners:
– Daily breakfast
– Welcome dinner at the Bagus Jati (Please arrive at Denapsar Ngurah Rai Intl. Airport by 1pm on that day since it will be another 1.5-2 hour drive to Ubud. You’ll want time to shower and relax a bit before dinner.)
– 1 dinner at the Cascades Restaurant, Ubud including 1 glass of wine
– Farewell Kampoeng Dinner with Show at the Rimba Jimbaran Bali Resort by Ayana
– Sunset cruise with dinner

2 Spa Credits:
-1 hour Balinese massage at Bagus Jati
-$120 credit for Spa treatments at the Ayana Resort & Spa

And More…
– All Level Hatha Yoga class at Yoga Barn
– Sound Meditation Session at Yoga Barn
– All tours with private driver/guide as listed in the itinerary
– Balinese Holy Blessing Ceremony
– Free use of health and well-being facilities. (Pool, Gym, Hot Jacuzzi and Herbal steam bath in Spa pavilion) at Bagus Jati
– Complimentary 2 bottle of mineral water per day per room & bring your own container for free refills at Bagus Jati
– Free Internet connection (Wi-Fi) at guest villa and public areas
– Transfer from Ubud to Jimbaran
– Tegalang, Goa Gaja Elephant Cave temple tour
– Bali Introduction tour: Holy Spring temple
– Traditional Balinese dance
– Unseco Tour
– Visit to Uluwatu temple

What’s Not Included

  • International air-fare
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Your Investment

  • Your deposit of $750 USD is needed immediately to hold your place.
  • $3,849 – double occupancy
  • $1,195 – single occupancy supplement
  • Balance due by August 14, 2018

I'm ready for Bali!

Your Hostess & Guide

Hi! I’m Stephanie Osborne, and I’m going to be your hostess and guide on this journey of self-discovery. Today, I’m a happy and fulfilled wife and mother, doing what I most love in the world, but it wasn’t always this way. Let me explain:

I was first introduced to meditation as a high school theater student in New Orleans, and to yoga in college. While still in college, I married the love of my life and began to manage his art career. As a linear thinker, it was a perfect fit — I was really good at planning and organizing. But it wasn’t long before meditation and yoga went by the wayside.

There was also a downside to my personality: I was pessimistic — always anxious, stressed and worried about worst-case scenarios. Not surprisingly, in 2008, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease with symptoms triggered by diet and stress.

Intuitively, I was drawn back to meditation, taking private mindfulness-based meditation sessions, which made a huge difference in my healing process and my mental state. I also picked up yoga again. Soon I began to living more in the present moment, becoming less worried, more at ease and more consistently trusting my gut.

As I continued meditating, self-love became my mantra. Then in 2015, as I approached the age of 40, I began to wonder what about my purpose in life. My husband asked, “What could you do every day alone or with others and never get bored with it?”

I replied, “Meditate”. And there began my very own corporate, guided-meditation business.

Read More

In the past three years, my work has deepened and evolved considerably, especially through the addition of primordial sound and other techniques I’ve learned through my studies with Deepak Chopra.

So today I’m an intuitive, loving teacher, wife and mother of three wonderful kids, always looking to experience the light in each person I encounter.

I run a business called Meditate New Orleans, with the goal of bringing mindfulness to the forefront of people of all ages in and around the New Orleans area. My mission is to help people in the United States and abroad connect with their higher selves by practicing stillness, gratitude, compassion and self-love.
And now I’m taking the show on the road — off to a Balinese island in the Indian Ocean, where I’m going to share these delights (and a whole lot more!) in a sacred environment that truly embodies the very things I teach and hold most dear.

Won’t you join me? I look forward to meeting and sharing with you, deepening and enriching both of our lives on this journey of serenity and self-discovery!

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